Rain Repellents have been round for a little while now and provide your car windows with a teflon like coating designed to sheet water straight off leaving you with a visibly clearer screen. This coating does create problems when your windscreen wipers are activated as the wiping motion causes a light film to be evident as the windscreen wipers pass across the screen.

Formulas have improved over recent years and the king of the hill is Rain-x who have delved into this niche market and provided a host of products that all compliment this repellent task. Uneexpectedly the UK’s most popular high street car accessories store, Halfords, have their own brand rain repellent and finally there is an offering from car polishing giants Mer.

The versatility of these products mean that they can be used on all areas of glass including wing mirrors and provide a level of protection against sub zero temperatures as the water that usually forms ice has ran off the glass.

All 3 products performed similarly in a variety of conditions but for ease of use and durability the Rain-x product stood out in our test as the clear winner.

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