This guide explains the simple steps that you need to follow when replacing any of your windscreen wipers.

How do I know when to replace my windscreen wiper blades

You will either notice that your windscreen wipers have split because part of the rubber blade is hanging loose or else the general poor performance of your blade will leave marks and smears as the blades wipe across the screen.

Your windscreen wipers will be tested as part of the MOT that all UK cars have to undergo once they pass 3 years of age. If in doubt we would recommend changing your blades annually just before your MOT to ensure that your car doesn’t fail for such a minor thing for which a garage will charge you a nice mark up on to get it through the test.

Most wiper blades are supplied in packs of 2 if it’s for the front windscreen so it makes sense to replace them both at the same time.

A complete novice should be able to change the windscreen wipers on their car in under 30mins and once done the first time you’ll be far quicker when you come to do it again!

A demonstration video can be seen here before you attempt this for yourself.

Step 1 – Purchase the correct wiper blades for your particular make and model of car by using this handy Windscreen Wiper Search Tool.
You windscreen wipers should come with a set of instructions, the windscreen wipers themselves and some form of attachment for fitting the blades to the wiper arms.

Step 2 – With the car safetly parked so you can work around it lift the first windscreen wiper off the windscreen until it stops. The spring in the arm should ensure that the blade remains in this position until you have completed the replacement.

Step 3 -While holding the arm straighten the wiper blade so that you are forming a “T” shape and remove the old wiper blade from it’s mount. There are 2 common ways of doing this, 1) it may just lift off the arm as it’s held by a central pivot point 2) there may be a small tab at the centre of the attaching mechanism which needs to be pressed down and then slide the blade back down the wiper blade arm.

Step 4 – Compare the old fitting attachment against the one supplied with your new blade. If there isn’t a suitable one with the new blade remove the one from the old blade and clip it into place on the new blade.

Step 5 – Fit the new windscreen wiper blade onto the wiper arm by reversing the removal step.

Step 6 – Carefully place the windscreen wiper back against the screen

Step 7 – Repeat from step 2 for each blade you are replacing.

Step 8 – Start up your car and set the wipers to the slowest speed and check that the new blades clear the windscreen and operate as expected.

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