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Windscreen Wiper Blades for a Daihatsu Car or Van

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Daihatsu windscreen wipersDaihatsu is the oldest manufactures of Japanese car makers. They specialize in making off road cars and small cars. There were a number of models since the formation of the company in 1907. Daihatsu windscreen wipers can be found for all their models, in the UK.

One of their popular car models include the Daihatsu charade, which was introduced in 1977. As the first generation, it was a five door hatch back, front wheel drive and powered by a 3 cylinder 993cc engine; the three door version was introduced in 1979. The second generation was produced from 1983 to 1987. They made several other compact cars like the Daihatsu Applause, Daihatsu Mira, Daihatsu Esse, Daihatsu Storia.

They also specialize in making of mini SUVs such as the Daihatsu rocky which was produced between 1987 and 1998. It was so popular that it was sold to various countries under some other names like the Daihatsu Feroza, and Daihatsu Sportak. Another popular mini SUV was the Daihatsu Terios.

Daihatsu windscreen wipers are manufactured by different companies, but they are made to standardised requirements. They are important as they help drivers have clear visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Windscreen Wiper Blades for a Daewoo Car or Van

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Daewoo Windscreen WipersDaewoo Windscreen Wipers can be found for many different models of their cars, whether you have a new model or one that is slightly more dated the availability is very good.

Availability of Daewoo windscreen wipers includes both driver and passenger blades and if you own a hatchback or an estate you will find the rear blade catered for too.

There are a lot of different wipers available for saloon cars, for instance, the Lacetti, including all models from 2004 to 2006, or the older Espero, from 1991 all the way up to 2000. If you own a Matiz hatchback from 1998 all 3 blades are available, as they are for all models right up to the last models in 2006 .

Daewoo windscreen wipers are available for both models of Daewoo van, the Tacuma and Rezzo, from a ‘V’ registration plate all the way through to the ’61’ registration plate. It does not matter if you need to replace a driver, passenger or rear blade, or if the whole set needs to be replaced, blades can be purchased in singles or packs.

Windscreen Wiper Blades for a Renault Car or Van

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Shop for Renault Windscreen WipersYou’ll have no problem in finding, buying and fitting a pair of Renault windscreen wipers, as they’re widely available for a variety of Renault models. A lot of the windscreen wipers that are available, can be fitted by you, or in a Renault dealership.

The popular Renault ESPACE has a good selection of wipers available, as well as the slightly obscure ESPACE MK2. You’ll also be able to purchase Renault windscreen wipers if you’ve any car in the Clio series or Laguna range. If you happen to own a older Renault vehicle, there’s no need to worry, as you can still buy Renault windscreen wipers for the slightly aged Renault Avantime and Renault Kangoo. Other models that you can find specialised wipers for include the Renault 4, 5 series, 11 series and the unusual Renault Extra. There’s so much choice available, so why not get buying and fit your Renault wipers today!

Windscreen Wiper Blades for a Porsche

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Shop for Porsche Windscreen WipersIf you’re currently trying to source a pair of Porsche windscreen wipers, it ultimately depends on the type of Porsche you currently drive. Porsche windscreen wipers can be easily bought for the Porshce 911 series, as well as the 928 Coupe and 944 Coupe. If you don’t necessarily drive this sort of Porsche, then there’s no need to worry, as you’ll also be able to easily find Porsche windscreen wipers for the Panamera and Boxster models. Although the difference between the different windscreen wipers may not be obvious to you at first; each car needs a different design and shape to work properly. Nothing is worse than driving in the rain with faulty windscreen wipers, which could potentially lead to a dangerous situation.

Some of the other models you’ll also be able to find specialised windscreen wipers include the Porsche Cayenne SUV, Porsche Cayman Coupe and the Porsche 968 Coupe.

Windscreen Wiper Blades for a Saab

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Shop for Saab Windscreen WipersSaab is fast shedding the old stereotypes and becoming a vehicle of choice for many motorists. In the turbulent UK weather, it is important to find the right Saab windscreen wipers for your vehicle model. It is easy to find compatible windscreen wipers.

For drivers of the Saab 9-3 model, windscreen wipers can be found for the 9-3 Hatchback 1998-1999 (S) model, 2000 (W), 2001 (Y) up to the 2007-2008 models. The wipers are also available for all the 9-3 models, including the Saab 9-3 Coupe, the 9-3 Cabriolet and the 9-3 Estate.

Drivers of the Saab 9-5 model are not left out either. For the 9-5 Saloon, wipers are available for the early 1997-1998 (R), the 1998-1999 (S), the 1999(T) all the way to the current 2011 Saab 9-5 Saloon. The same applies for the 9-5 Estate.

The Saab 900 model is one of the earliest models of the Saab automobile. Saab windscreen wipers are available for the Hatchback, Cabriolet and Saloon trims. These include the first 1979-1980 (V) model up until the last 1997-1998 (R) model.

Similarly, The wipers are also available in the Saab 9000 series of vehicles.


Windscreen Wipers for a Seat

seat-logoYou can find windscreen wipers for a large selection of Seat-branded vehicles. From the cost-friendly Seat Ibiza, to the stylish, and well desgined Seat Marbella, the choice of Seat windscreen wipers is pretty vast. If you’re fortunate to have one of the more expensive Seat Exeo or Seat Exeo ST cars, then you’ll find no problem in getting your hands on a pair of well made, specialised Seat windscreen wipers for these either.


You’ll also find windscreen wipers available for several other Seat models. These include the Seat Alhambra, Altea, Arosa and Cordoba. Although they’re quite uncommon to find, you’ll also be able to find a pair of Seat windscreen wipers for the slightly pricier Seat Toledo.


So no matter what time of Seat you’re driving, you’ll always be able to find a pair of professionally made and quality windscreen wipers. Most of these can be picked up for a decent price, so there’s no reason not to invest in them.

Ferrari Windscreen Wipers

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ferrari windscreen wipersUsing our Ferrari Windscreen Wipers search tool, it is possible to find wiper blades for cars across the Ferrari range, both older and newer models. Whether you are searching for Ferrari Windscreen wipers for the popular 2 seat Gran Turismo, or the mid engine V6/V8 models, we have the appropriate wiper blades to suit your vehicle. Wiper blades are also available for Supercars, such as the Enzo, GTO models and the F40, F50 and new F70 models, as well as the mid engine 12 cylinder Testarossa and Berlinetta Boxer. Whether your car is one of the latest models, such as the 2 X 2 Scaglietti or California, or a classic car like the 250 GT/E, 330 GT or 365 Daytona, the correct Ferrari windscreen wiper blades should be available. We even have blades for the concept and one off specials, such as the Spyder and Modulo. We cover all makes and models from the 1960’s through to the present day.

Windsreen Wipers for Chrysler Cars

Shop for Chrysler Windscreen Wipers

You can find wiper blades for all the current Chrysler UK models, as well as wipers from the older ranges. You can find Chrysler Windscreen Wipers for the stately roomy saloons of the 300C and 300M, to the sporty viper and crossfire, to the distinctive PT cruiser MPV before moving on to the SUV class Grand Voyager and Journey, to the Status and Voyager.


Windscreen Wiper blades are vital to make sure you retain a clear field of vision regardless of weather condition. Whether you have a Chrysler coupe, MPV, saloon or SUV we have the replacement wiper blades for you, including standard, spoiler and flat beam type wipers. Autobulbs Direct supply an impressive range of Chrysler Windscreen Wipers, including Valeo XTrim, Bosch Aerotwin and Super Plus and ABD wipers. You can choose from traditional metallic arm windscreen wiper blades with and option for blade spoilers, or go for retrofit flat-beam blades for exceptional windscreen cleaning regardless of the weather conditions. We also supply a range of vehicle-specific rear windscreen wipers for Chrylser vehicles with integrated wiper arms and blades.

Windscreen Wipers for Bentley’s

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bentley windscreen wipersYou can easily find wind screen wipers for any current model of Bentley that you want. You can also find wipers for older variants. For the Bentley Continental R Coupe models, you can find Bentley windscreen wipers for the driver side and passenger side as well as a twin pack option.

Introduced in 1991, it was the foremost Bentley of its time. The Continental R has been in manufacturing until 2002 with variants like the Bentley Continental R Mulliner and the historic edition Continental R California Edition. Owners of this quick, luxurious and powerful Bentley model, from the older 1991-1992 (J) model to the recent 2003-2004 models, will find a range of options for their car’s windscreen wipers.

The Bentley Continental Azzure is a convertible variant of the Continental R, launched in 1995. Windscreen wipers are available for the earlier 1995 models to the current 2006-2007 Continental Azzure Cabriolet models. The Bentley windscreen wipers are available for the following models, including the 1996-1997 (P), 1995-1996 (N), 1992 (T), 2000(W) as well as the 2001(Y).

The Bentley is a well-known and respected luxury brand and its windscreen wipers should be too.

Windscreen Wiper Blades for an Aston Martin

An Aston Martin makes for a truly great car, one which you will want to ensure you have only the best Aston Martin windscreen wipers for. Made truly famous by their appearance in Bond films as THE car to have, to treat your one well you will want to get only the best Aston Martin windscreen wipers.

From the more modern V12 Vanquish to the Aston Martin DB9 and DBS, there are many different models that have become famous for their high quality. Starting as far back as 1922 where the original models raced in the Grand Prix, the 1.5L model is truly an historic and classic model.

However it is the DB series that truly capture the imagination of an Aston Marin enthusiast, the DB5 was first produced in 1963, now seen as one of the most beautiful and most intricately designed cars in the world. With more modern versions being the DBS and DB9 as previously mentioned, whichever model you own is likely to be extremely high quality.

As such, you need the best windscreen wipers for your car, so that you know you are complementing the overall quality of the car itself.