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  • The terms “us” or “operator” or “we” is simply referring to the owner of the actual website.
  • The term “website” means the actual location or the URL of the website.
  • The term “you” is referring to the visitor of the website.

When using this website the viewer will be subject to the following simple terms of use:

  • The content that can be found within these pages is strictly used as general information and may be changed at any point in time without notice.
  • The content that is found in this site may not be as accurate as you might like therefore we do not hold any guarantee or warranty to this information.  This includes third parties as well.  By reading through these pages and this content, you agree to the fact that this information is not entirely accurate or updated.
  • We may not be held liable for any information that is found on this site.  You keep in mind that you enter at your own risk.
  • The content that is found and viewed by you on this site is either owned by us or licensed to us.  This includes but is certainly not limited to the design of the site, the layout, look, appearance as well as the actual graphics.  Any content that is found reproduced somewhere else will be prosecuted under these rights.
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  • Any use of this site that is unauthorised can lead to criminal charges as well as claims for damages.
  • The links that are found on this site to other websites are strictly for the convenience of you in order to give you some more information.  We do not endorse or support any of these links personally, and we are not to be held responsible or liable.
  • Links are not to be created to link to this site form another site unless you hold the written consent of the website owners
  • When you use this site you will be subject to the laws of England as well as Wales.

Copyright Notice

The website itself as well as all of the content that is found on this website hold the copyright of the author, which means that all rights reserved. Any content that is reproduced and redistributed is completely prohibited unless:

  • You intend on printing or downloading to a local hard drive.  This information will be used for personal use only.
  • You intend on copying specific information to give to individual third parties, strictly for their personal use ONLY!
  • Unless you have written permission, you CANNOT distribute or use any of this information to commercially exploit this content.
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