Privacy Policy

This set of rules lays down how will use and guard all content that the user provides when accessing this website. guarantees that every user has the utmost confidentiality and will be safe from invasion of privacy.   Data may be required such as personal information that will identify the user, will not be used for any other purpose other than that stated by and will comply with the terms of confidentiality.  The content on these pages may be updated at any time by  It is the user’s responsibility to check back and note any changes that have taken place.  This is in effect from the 1st of March, 2009.

Information Gathered

The only data required is as follows:

  • Name and job title
  • Contact information including email address
  • Post code, preferences and interests
  • Answers pertaining to surveys and offers

How the Data Collected is Used

We collect this data in order to keep our site relevant and helpful to the users and in some cases for the following:

  • private records.
  • The data may be used to keep the website relevant and current for our users.
  • We may send emails that include offers or services that the user may wish to view or any data that feels the user may benefit from.
  • The user’s information may be used to contact the user for market study in order to better our website.  This may be via phone, fax, email, or by post.
  • This data may also be used in order to better our website based on the users needs.


We are determined to make sure that all of the user’s information remains private.  We take every precaution to alleviate any use of data by any third parties through the latest technology available to ensure the user’s information is completely safe.

How we use cookies

Cookies are small files that are placed onto a hard drive after the user has allowed it to be. These cookies are used to help study how the user navigates the internet or when the user opens certain websites.  These files will also allow personal interaction with websites.  Cookies allow for a website to note your preferences so that this information is not required each time you view the website.

Another type of cookie is a log cookie.  These are used to see which of our web pages that are being viewed.  This will help us to make changes to our website to better assist the users of our website.  This information is only used for statistical purposes and is not kept in our system for any length of time.  There is not intimate personal detail that is collected by our website.
Many of those who advertise with us may also use these cookies and they are not controlled by us.

Finally, cookies enable the website owner to supply the user with a more accurate and viable website by using the information collected to improve our website for the user. The cookies the website uses does not in anyway access any other files in the user’s computer but for the data the user chooses to supply.  It is up to the user to allow or deny the cookies we offer.  If you choose not to accept cookies, or would like to be prompted, you will have to change the settings for your web browser.  Declining cookies may leave some areas of the website unavailable.

Links to other websites

We will, from time to time, offer links to other websites that the user may find informative.  Anytime the user navigates away from our website, the control we have over content is null and void.  Any confidentiality that is expressed in this or other agreements by this website becomes non existent and we are not bound by any other website’s terms and conditions.  Please use your own judgement when navigating away from our website through links provided.

Controlling the User’s Personal Information

The user has the right to restrict any data gathering or what data of a personal level that is used by using the guidelines laid out below:

  • There will be a radial box that can be marked to decline the use of any data for any purpose other than account verification or any data collection used.
  • The user may email the website and have any information removed from mailing lists at any time.

The user’s data will not be transferred, sold or given to any party with out the user’s authority or as necessary by a governing law authority.  The user may be sent emails that will contain some content that may be of interest to the user unless the user states that they do not wish to receive any such material.

By logging into the Contact Us page, the user can ask for the website to send any pertinent information the website has on the user, keep in mind, the user will be charged a small fee.  The Data Protection Act of 1998 allows for these types of requests to be handled by the website.

The user may also use the Contact Us page in order to correct any information that the user feels is not correct or complete at any time.

Website Disclaimer

The data found on this website is for informational use only.  The data is offered by and though we will strive to maintain updated and accurate content, we will not be held responsible for any correctness, relevance, execution, comprehensiveness or fittingness in regards to our website or any of our website content that may include photographs, goods or services.  The user must use this information at their own judgement.

There will be no instance in which we take accountability for any misinformation, deficit or hurt of any kind because of profit deficiencies or gains in relation to the use of our website in any way shape or form.

The user will be provided with links to other websites that are not owned by the owners of does not hold any responsibility over the information provided by a third party website.  Providing a link does not imply direct culpability as links are only provided as informational and not a direct endorsement of said website.

We will make all efforts to ensure that our website is in good working order. does not assume any liability to the website being down due to upgrades or difficulties beyond the owner’s control.

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