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If you are looking for new windscreen wipers, you may be struggling to find the best ones. This is especially the case if you are not really familiar with the different types available. You can purchase windscreen wipers that have spoilers, silicon rubber and other various add-ons. So just how do you choose the right windscreen wiper for your car and when should you replace your existing wipers?

Windscreen Wipers

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Understanding Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen wipers are one of the most important features of a car. Without them you would not be able to see if you were driving in the rain. It would also be difficult to clear anything off the windscreen whilst you are driving. For example, you could be driving along and some dirt could be sprayed onto your windscreen causing slight visibility problems. Usually you use the windscreen wipers to clear away any dirt and grime on the windscreen. So if you didn’t have them obviously this would be a problem.

In the same way that having no windscreen wipers would affect you, having windscreen wipers that don’t work properly will also cause the same problems. Old wipers tend to have cracks in the rubber and this causes streaks as well as the blade to judder a little as it tries to wipe the windscreen. So if you find that your current windscreen wipers don’t seem to be doing the job, it may well be time to change them.

Typically windscreen wipers should be changed twice a year. First you should change them after summer as the high temperatures can cause the rubber to crack. Then again after winter because of the damage that is often caused to them due to ice and harsh weather.

Choosing the Best Windscreen Wipers

If you are unsure which wipers to opt for, it would be a good idea to ask the dealer that you go to. They should be able to point you in the right direction. However, they may also try to sell you wipers that you do not necessarily need.

Add-ons can be useful, but they can also be unnecessary too. You should especially watch out for silicon rubber blades. These are constantly being advertised as the next generation wipers, but they can cause problems. Their wiping ability has been rated as quite poor and they also tend to wear out quicker than ordinary types of windscreen wipers too.

Spoilers are also another add-on that many dealers will try to sell to you. Now they can be useful but only if you plan on driving fairly fast. You need to take into account that spoilers add weigh to windscreen wipers and that can cause the wiper motor to work a lot harder. This will cause the wipers to wear down quicker than they normally would too. However if you plan on driving over 85mph then you could well benefit from having spoilers on your wipers. Of course you can also choose to have them installed if you like the look of them. It all comes down to personal preferences.

One question which is often asked is can you covert your dual windscreen wipers to a single system? Newer cars tend to have single wipers which cover the whole windscreen. However it is not advisable to convert your windscreen wipers as they will not work as well as you would imagine.

Overall there are many different types of windscreen wipers available. You can use our Windscreen Wiper Search Tool or try asking for advice from the dealer can be helpful, just remember to keep the advice mentioned above in mind. You want to choose a wiper that will work efficiently and last as long as possible. Also keep in mind that different sizes will be needed for different makes of car. All cars are different and so there is no set size that you should choose. You will need to have the correct measurements so that you choose the right ones.

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